7 Reasons Why Hostel Life Is Better Than Living at Home

Those who have stayed in a PG accommodation with their buddies know this for a fact that life without them at home is just not complete. Without the jokes, stories, and impromptu get-togethers with pals, home feels empty. The PG life becomes into a microcosm of treasured memories, creating a second family that lives apart from the house.

Life at a hostel is one unique experience that can only be lived once. Moving into a PG comes with anxiety and hesitation. But all that fades away into the thin air as you get accustomed to that life and realise how enjoyable it is.FLH, the best PG in Ahmedabad is more than just a place to stay—it is a haven of memories and lifelong friendships—because of the ties made in the common areas. These bonds foster a sense of support and belonging

Here are 7 reasons which prove that living in a hostel is better than living at home:

1. Abundant Opportunities

A hostel is a place where you’re surrounded by new people and given options to experiment and learn about a variety of subjects. Hostels provide an environment that encourages venturing beyond of your comfort zone, in contrast to the predictable atmosphere of home. The variety of opportunities that arise within the hostel walls serve as pathways for developing one’s skills, growing personally, and making new friends.

At, FLH, luxurious PG in Ahmedabad aspiring spaces provide aspirational values to individual’s future prospects. Living in a PG accommodation can be a great place to expand one’s horizons and learn about oneself.

2. Time Management

Time never stops ticking and effective time management is a brilliant skill that everyone should have. Hostel life can sometimes get hectic as one will be managing study or work along with personal chores. All these activities and daily tasks will eventually make you the master of time management over the period. This is one of the most important experiences that every hosteller probably experiences.

FLH, PG in navrangpura is located extremely close to reputable universities and other such educational institutes. This saves travelling time and it can help students improve time management.

3. Invaluable Friendships

Some hostels might not have the best Wi-Fi connection but you’ll surely make some invaluable connections with friends. These same people must have been a stranger at one point only until you discover how amazing hostel friendship is. A hostel is like a temporary home where one gets an opportunity to share a ton of moments with friends. It is a place where you share the secret, gossip and support each other. Usually, those friendships evolve into life-long bonds and the sweet hostel memories are too good to forget. Stay FLH has a 24/7 café, a perfect spot to hang out and let loose with buddies.

4. Comparatively Inexpensive

One might think that living in a hostel is super expensive, but it’s a myth. In reality, hostels are by far the most economical option for living away from your home. Rented flats are an alternative but they are inferior when compared to the ton of facilities that a hostel has to offer. From high-speed internet connectivity, meals, housekeeping, and 24/7 security, to dedicated spaces for chilling and studying are all included in the hostel fees. A hostel is like a small community in itself that offers a rich living experience without burning a hole in your pocket.

5. Group Studies

Studying is not an exciting activity especially when alone. You’ll often find it difficult to focus when studying alone and being distracted from time to time. On the other hand, group study creates an atmosphere where it gets easier to concentrate with peers. Moreover, group studies are always a life saviour if you need help with some topic. Hostel life is incomplete without late-night group study sessions packed with a lot of fun. Ask any hosteller if you don’t believe us!

6. Hassle-free Life

You’ll indeed be independent in the hostel. But it is also true that hostels offer decent facilities like housekeeping, wifi, laundry service, etc.

These chores are taken care of by the hostel management, thus saving you ample time and effort. An organised room, clean clothes, and ready meals are all the benefits of staying in a hostel.Stay FLH is a PG in Navrangpura Ahmedabad that offers a variety of premium amenities like the ones mentioned above.

7. Enjoying Freedom

Most of us do not get the freedom of taking our own decisions at home. But that is not the case in a hostel. You get the freedom of controlling your life in a hostel by taking independent decisions. A person living in the hostel can sleep, eat, binge-watch Netflix and have fun as per their wish. Despite that, you’ll have to manage your own expenses, and chores and schedule the work with precision. Hostel helps individuals to become independent and understand the right meaning of freedom.

FLH, the best PG in Ahmedabad has dedicated an entire space as a media room, a perfect place to catch up with your favourite web series.

These were just a few of the best reasons to live in a hostel and there are much more. The hostel life brings out the real you among lifelong friends. As long as you’re up for exploring new things hostel would surely become an iconic experience in your life. Make sure to check out Stay FLH, a tech-enabled PG in Ahmedabad, determined to change the overall PG hostel experience for everyone!