5 Security Features You MUST SEEK in a PG Hostel!

Security is a big concern when you plan to move into a PG hostel. At times, you will be all alone in your room and waiting for that scary knock on your door! You will feel unsafe trying to figure out who’s on the other side of the door. To avoid such situations, select an ideal PG with good security to make you feel safe.

StayFLH is undoubtedly your ideal PG because it offers the best security features of all the PGs in AhmedabadThe team at StayFLH believes safety for boys is as important as it for girls. We value you and your valuables. So, we assure to keep them safe and sound. In this blog, we will discuss our high-tech security system and an environment that will make you feel safe and comfortable, just like you would at home.

Life at FLH is all about celebrating every moment. We provide an environment where everyone gets together and enjoys living life on their terms. Keeping the need for personal space in mind, we also offer single-sharing rooms. For the social animals, we have double and triple-sharing rooms. Keeping your valuables safe while you share your room keeps you worried all the time.

At FLH, we have tight security ensuring that you and your valuables are kept safe. Let us discuss our security system in detail.

Security Features at Stay FLH

1) Biometrics:

This is the first thing to be mindful of while considering a PG. Every modern PG has a biometric security system these days. This feature is needed because not everyone and anyone should get the opportunity to enter your PG. The biometrics will not allow the staff and occupants to do shady things in absence of the responsible authority.

2) 24X7 Security:

Biometrics is a part of technology. Nowadays, hackers can crack codes and get to your valuables easily. Hence, security is necessary. Imagine 2 big and tall security guards at the entry to verify and register who left and entered the PG at what time. They are also there to check if any unknown person is entering the PG hostel or not.

3) 24X7 CCTV Surveillance:

“Jahaan kisiki nazar nahi, waahan CCTV ki nazar hoti hai” CCTV surveilliance is quite necessary. Everyone and Everything is under CCTV surveillance. This way you and your roommates can sleep peacefully knowing that whosoever tries to disturb you or steal your belongings will get caught eventually.

4) Fire Alarms:

Fire alarms are also provided to ensure your life security. In the rarest of rare cases the fire alarms will break out but it’s always good to be prepared for the worst. The fire alarms will shower water ensuring that the fire is extinguished.

5) Medical Assistance:

You never know what life might throw at you next. Touch wood, but the uncertainty of life scares us. Hence, this is the most important factor. You might feel sick in the middle of the night and because you are away from family, you will have to look after yourself. In severe cases, you must take help from a professional. All the FLH properties are near to places from where you can get quick and 24X7 medical assistance in cases of emergency.

We have always mentioned FLH as your ideal home away from home and security is one of the main reasons why we choose to mention it that way. Security and comfort should be your key focus while choosing the ideal PG for yourself. At StayFLH we assure you the best and most comforting stay away from home.

Reserve your slot or enquire today! Happy & Safe living!