5 Tips to feel comfortable when you relocate

Moving into a new community or a city can be a thrilling as well as an overwhelming feeling. One may not get exactly what they expected when moving out. You might find it tough to adapt to the local language, behaviour and culture. Building your social life in a new place from scratch surrounded by strangers can be a daunting task. But the community is what you need to get comfortable and move forward with life at your own pace. The sense of loneliness can be easily overcome by becoming a part of the local community.

Below are some practical tips to help you blend into the new community without hitch.

Make friends with neighbours

There is no harm in stepping out of the house and interacting with the neighbours. Approaching a stranger and striking a conversation with them can push you on the edge. But most of the time it goes well than expected. Being friendly with the neighbours and introducing yourself will help you develop a friendship with them. Connecting with even one of the neighbours can open a door for you to meet others. And eventually, join their community.

Knowing each other in the neighbourhood makes everyone around the community feel safer!

Leverage the power of social media

Social media is a great way to meet new people and make friends with them. People have distanced themselves from communities by getting lost in the internet world. This same internet can help connect with the locals of the city that you just moved into.

You can join the Facebook groups that are based locally. It is a superb way to chat with others and organize regular meetups.

Likewise, if you’ve moved into a PG in Ahmedabad, then don’t forget to check out the r/Ahmedabad subreddit on the Reddit app. It is known for its routine city-related updates and often organizes meet-ups.


Relocating blesses you with a ton of volunteering possibilities that you can try out. Volunteering gives a sense of fulfilment and allows you to leave a positive impact on society. Normally, every community requires volunteers. Volunteering is not just for old and retired people, if you’ve got some free time in your hand then surely go for it.

Animal welfare, feeding centres, schools, nursing homes, etc are some of the places where volunteering is often required. Moreover, you’re likely to make friends at these places by meeting like-minded individuals.

Attend community events

If you like socialising then attending a community event is a great way to meet other folks. Local newspapers and radio are good sources to learn about upcoming events in the city. Every community frequently organizes events in their city such as festival celebrations, musical concerts, art exhibitions, stand-up comedy, car shows, parties, sports events and much more. Look out for the one that catches your interest.

Similarly, the local city attractions are the perfect places to encounter new people and socialize. If you love socialising and enjoying others’ company then life at FLH would suit you rightly. Because of its fun and engaging events that are organised by their administration.

Hangout with roommates

Lastly, the co-living space roommates can be the go-to buddy whenever you get some spare time. Likewise, co-workers or classmates are the best people to hang out with. This will allow you to discover the places of interest and blend in with them easily.

Co-living spaces offer a unique adventure of living, work and social networking opportunities.

Relocation doesn’t need to be troublesome, and these moving tips will truly help you feel at home when relocating.

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