Hostel Life at FLH – Introduction and Its Perks

Moving out of your home and settling in a new city means finding a place to study/work and stay. Several options surface during this intense search to discover a perfect place to live. These options usually involve rented apartments, PG flats in residential societies, separate PG for boys or PG for Girls and hostels. Most of them are not suitable for peaceful and comfortable living for one or the other reason. This shortens the options to just PG hostels and co-living spaces. In this blog, we will introduce Stay FLH, one of the best PG in Ahmedabad. An ideal place for every hostel seeker.

An Introduction to Stay FLH

The founders of Stay FLH aspired to build a co-living space that is a home away from home. Thus naming their PG in Ahmedabad Feels Like Home (FLH). The PG is full of rich amenities designed to suit every student and working professional from across the nation. FLH offers over-the-par facilities to turn living into a memorable life experience.

Let’s take a look at some of the perks that Stay FLH has in store!

1) Premium Location

As a student, you would not want to be at a different end of the city than where you’re supposed to be. People often neglect this crucial aspect while choosing a PG and then regret it later. Such mishap can be avoided at FLH as it is located at one of the most prime locations in Ahmedabad. FLH is in Navrangpura, a favourable location for those staying at a PG. One can easily find tons of public transport that are just a few steps away from the facility. Besides that, every sort of restaurant, cafe and market is incredibly near by to ease the shopping.

2) Surrounded By Educational Institutes

A college or university where they study is the most important thing for every student. To attend educational prowess the youth even gets ready to travel a long distance. But this travelling negatively impacts their productivity and eats up precious time. Stay FLH proudly eliminates the need to commute long hours to reach colleges. Because the FLH is a PG in Navrangpura and this area is home to some of the nation’s largest educational institutes.

This is one of the perks if you decide to go for Stay FLH. Ahmedabad University, CEPT University, Gujarat University, Som Lalit College, St. Xaviers College, AG Teacher’s College etc are all extremely close FLH hostels.

3) Full of Facilities

The more facilities a PG offers the more comfortable the living experience gets. Stay FLH keeps this in mind and has enriched the hostel with all sorts of amenities that one might need. FLH delivers high-speed internet connectivity and that is a must these days. To save time and effort a timely laundry service is available too. So no more worrying about dirty clothes. Each facility has a dedicated reading room for all the bookworms or anyone in need of a tranquil spot to concentrate while studying. A gymnasium fitted with excellent state-of-the-art equipment to help students stay in shape. A 24/7 in-house cafe is yet another luxurious amenity that FLH has in store for hostel students. The cafe is the perfect spot to hang out with friends and grab a coffee.

4) Interactive Communal Spaces

Apart from all the impressive characteristics of a great room, something more is needed. A common place where all the hostel students can gather and chill out whenever they wish. Such captivating spaces allow the hostel students to interact with each other and build new friends. After all, everyone loves to connect with people whom they relate to the most as they share common interests. Stay FLH has built inviting common areas for there every hostel facility. It is the perfect area to unwind and chitchat as much as you want. Moreover, FLH has also built a media room to binge-watch favourite shows and series so you may kill the boredom.

5) More Than Just a Room

Choices are always a great thing, especially when it comes to selecting a room in a PG. The hostel is for a large crowd and thus many options of rooms can meet the need of everyone. Stay FLH considers this and presents twin & triple sharing rooms. The rooms are more than just a room as they are furnished with spacious wardrobes and ample storage space for your belongings. Separate study tables and chairs are placed carefully to allow personal space even while sharing with roommates.

6) Regular Organized Activities

Living in a PG also means living in a fun and engaging community. But the community is not alive if it lacks regular activities and events. Community dinners, heritage city walks etc are great ways to familiarize yourself with the city and other hostel students. Life at FLH  showcases the diverse celebrations and activities organized by the management for the students. If you are someone who is into relishing social events then FLH is the right place for you.

7) Pocket Friendly Cost

“You get what you pay for” is sometimes not that accurate. Getting less than the value is common but getting more is not, except in some cases like FLH. If a PG costs as much as a 5-star hotel then it is clearly a red flag! PGs and hostels are for students that are studying hard to build a promising future. The hostel fees are mostly borne by the student’s parents. So, it doesn’t make sense to charge them exorbitant monthly fees. Stay FLH understands the need of offering a luxurious PG in Ahmedabad without asking for unrealistic fees.

Alright, hostel seekers, these were the key perks that Stay FLH proposes to the students with utmost commitment. FLH is a PG in Navrangpura and that makes it the prime choice. Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, there are more to encounter as you commence your new chapter of life at FLH.

Explore more about Stay FLH if you’re planning to look for a PG in Ahmedabad!