Food Places in Ahmedabad That You Should NOT Miss!

Ahmedabad’s shopping zones, infrastructure, and civic amenities have all undergone significant changes. There has also been an increase in the number of amazing student PG in Ahmedabad, one of which is FLH – Feels like home. FLH is a good option if you are looking for PG for girls and PG for boys in Ahmedabad.

Despite all of Ahmedabad’s cosmetic changes, one thing has remained consistent over the years: the city’s food culture. Whether you are a student, a young professional, or a visitor, Ahmedabad will provide you with a plethora of options for street food and fine dining.
It is well known in the foodie community that Ahmedabad is a foodie’s paradise. There’s something for everyone here, from sweet jalebis to shaved-ice golas and kothi ice cream, and from tangy pani puris to spicy vada pavs, samosas, and chaats.

People who are gastronomically inclined just need to book a comfortable vehicle for transportation and explore the food stalls across this city. The sumptuous delicacies served in the restaurants and food stalls here are sure to amaze your taste buds.

If you are new to this city, we have enlisted top 3 food trails that you must visit without fail! It is an unforgivable sin to leave Ahmedabad without visiting any of these five iconic street food spots.

Top 3 Food Trails in Ahmedabad

1) Manek Chowk:

This is Ahmedabad’s most famous night street food market. It is frequently crowded, so arrive early if you want to eat in peace. The street food here is delicious and reasonably priced. You’ll need to do a lot of walking and checking things out before you find the perfect street food for you because the options are truly limitless. Balan’s Gwalior Dosa, khada pav bhaji at Kailash Pav Bhaji, and ghughra & farali sandwiches at Manek Sandwich & Pizza are some of the most famous foods to try here, among others like chaat, fafda, ice-cream sandwich, methina gotla, and so on. Since it is a night market, they start serving food around 8 PM and it closes at midnight.

2) Law Garden Street:

Khau Gali: The Law Garden street market and Khau Gali, already a popular destination for shoppers, strollers, and foodies, has been transformed into a “happy street.” A 300-metre stretch of street has become a foodie’s paradise with its 42 food-truck style food shops, which include not only food places, but also tea stalls and coffee houses. Aside from the food, the beautiful Darwaja-style street decoration, colourful lights, hot and happening crowds, and even a cycle track draw a crowd here.

The street is well known not only for its lip-smacking street delicacies but also for having the most hygienic street food in town. Must-order dishes include Katka pav, pav bhaji, pani puri, kulfi, vada pav, and dabelis. There are several types of sandwiches available here, but the aloo-matar sandwich from Anand Sandwich is a must-try.

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3) Other Independent Eateries:

Along with such markets there are loads and loads of independent eateries spread across the entire city. We have listed 3 of the most famous independent eateries below.

  • Gajanand Pouva House:

If and when you visit this place, try out the regular poha, Dahi poha, and masala poha without fail! These are the main dishes that make this breakfast spot popular among locals. They also serve other regional dishes like khichu, so if you’re new to Gujarati cuisine, this is a good place to start. They open at around 5:30 a.m.

  • Gulab Golawala:

Gulab Golawala is a must-see destination for ice gola fans. Golas are traditional s desserts popular throughout India. Gulab Golawala’s golas contain 18 different types of fresh fruits, unlike other street gola vendors. Dry fruits, khoya, and even rasgullas can be found in some of the exotic golas. To be honest, at Rs200 per gola, this is the most affordable slice of heaven available.

  • Asharfi Kulfi:

As the name implies, Asharfi Kulfi is a kulfi lover’s Mecca. They have several locations throughout town and serve regular kulfis, pot kulfis, and stick kulfis. Oh, and did we mention they even have sugar-free kulfis? They taste so smooth and delicious.

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