Planning to Stay at FLH? A Few Striking Spots to Explore Nearby

FLH – Feels Like Home is a PG located in the Navrangpura area which is a prominent residential cum commercial locality that lies in the western periphery of Ahmedabad city. This area is a hub for famous educational institutes like Ahmedabad University, Gujarat University, H.L College of Commerce, L.D College of Engineering, L.D College of Arts, and St. Xavier’s College. So, the Navrangpura area becomes a hot and prime spot for youngsters who set out to find spots to relax and chill.

FLH being the best PG in navrangpuraand having located in the same area allows you to explore the city in the best possible way. So, if you’re planning to stay at FLH, there are so many places that you can explore and visit in the areas nearby. Let us have a look at them.

Striking Spots Around Navrangpura Area

Not just Navrangpura, the entire Ahmedabad city is covered with hot spots one can chill at. However, areas like Navrangpura have the highest number of hotspots in town. If you’re new to the city or the same old locality, consider visiting or revisiting these places!

1) Law Garden Street

Did we hear shopaholic? Yes, surely! Law Garden Street is a renowned shopping street across the world. Famous for its traditional Gujarati outfits like Chaniya Choli and Kediyu, Law Garden Street has so much more to it now. This night market has the best-oxidised jewelry, trendy clothes, and Indo-western dresses as well. It has famous food stalls that you can stop by to savor your cravings for Ahmedabad’s popular street food. Situated across from GLS University, it is also a famous spot for students to explore the market and shop for good quality, trendy products at a cheap rate.

2) H.L College:

H.L College of Commerce is famous for ages. Wait! Did we forget to mention why? Right across the college, you will find numerous food stalls. Some of the famous food stalls are those of Friends Maggie & Pasta, and Cold Cocoa or Coffee.
Your search for good food ends here. Visit it once and you won’t regret it. This place is a food hub for youngsters and their endless cravings.
If you are not from Ahmedabad City, you must visit other Khau Gallis like the one outside CEPT University and the food stalls outside the GLS University campus.

3) Café/ Restaurants:

This area is brimming with cafes and restaurants. It’s like they are all over the place. Cafes and restaurants like Shambhu’s Coffee Bar, Mocha, Vibes, Chai Sutta Bar, or open rooftop cafes like Makeba and Sphere Lounge are also popular choices amongst everyone. Since Ahmedabadis are great foodies, cafes and restaurants are not just a popular choice amongst youngsters, but it is a famous choice amongst all age groups. While cafes offer a quirky club-type environment, restaurants offer a full dining experience.

4) Sardar Patel Stadium:

This stadium is an Indian Sports Stadium located in Navrangpura. Although it is a sports stadium it is more famous for concerts and cultural events taking place there. Localites usually keep a check on the events taking place in the Sardar Patel Stadium. So, if you’re new to the city, make sure to do the same, because the events that happen there is a one in a lifetime experience and you shouldn’t miss it.

5) Amdavad ni Gufa:

This place is a great tourist attraction since it is very popular. Every localite and even outsiders, who would’ve settled in this city, would’ve visited this place at least once. Amdavad ni Gufa takes care of your food cravings too. Just as you finish exploring the Gufa, you will come across Zen Café, which is an open café surrounded by nature and serenity. It is very peaceful around there and people usually visit this place in the evenings. This place also has an art café, you must visit that too!

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