Top 5 Benefits of PG Accommodation

In most people’s opinion, PG’s are more comfortable than any rented apartments or flats for a variety of reasons which we are about to discuss below. There are numerous benefits of PG accommodation or co-living accommodations that you should be aware of. The biggest benefit of them all is that you will not have to pay an exorbitant amount of money as you will have to for apartments and flats, especially in large cities of India where finding PG is already a difficult nut to crack. Hence, for today’s guide, let us go through 5 major benefits of PG accommodation

The top 5 benefits of PG accommodation are as follows:

#1 – Affordable stays – Pocket Friendly

Compared to big cities like Gurgaon, Delhi, and Mumbai, PG in Ahmedabad are available at quite a reasonable price. Flh – Feels Like Home, the name itself suggests comfort and luxury at the same time. Flh offers PG for girls as well as PG for boys in Ahmedabad. These spaces are specially designed to impart the feeling of community, togetherness, and feeling of being at home.
Flh offers affordable stays with spacious rooms and 15+ amenities. To know more, enquire now!

#2 – At Home, being away from home!

Comfortable PG accommodations are a dream come true for students and working professionals from outstation. It’s not just a place to stay, but it is also a good place for people who like to know and understand diverse mindsets. The best experience and memory any PG can give are that of friendship. Strangers become best friends and then family in no time!

#3 – East or West, FOOD is the Best!

Food is a priority. But, most importantly, a hygienic, tasty, fuller, and healthy meal is the real priority. Over the top, everyone experiences midnight cravings while studying, or just having a night with Netflix and chilling with your PG roommates. To satisfy your cravings Flh offers premium services like cafeteria which is operated 24*7. Apart from this, even regular meals resemble homemade food.

#4 – Time-saving

Imagine having to travel far away to attend university every single day. Seems tiring right? Well, it is so. The best quality about PGs in Ahmedabad is that they are located around the universities within walking distance. This makes it convenient for the students to travel and attend college on time.
Flh properties are located in Navrangpura, Ahmedabad where colleges like, CEPT, St. Xavier’s College, Ahmedabad University, and H.L college is located. Moreover, Flh is the official student housing partner with Ahmedabad University.

#5 – Decision Making gets Strong

Students who have set out after passing their 12th grade for pursuing higher education are all ontheir own in PG. The concept of PG directly complements the idea of “Independent Living”. These teenagers are enthralled by the experience of living in a PG. You get the freedom of being your boss and taking decisions that are best for you. You discover the kind of person you are which you would’ve never known living under someone.

Advantages at FLH

Flh offers the feeling of being a part of the community even when you’re away from home. The perfect combination of comfort and luxury at Flh is what makes it the best of the rest. 150 rooms, 15+ amenities along with other premium services, and hygienic food make it the best PG in Ahmedabad. It conducts social events where the accommodators come together to spend a fully entertaining event.
Come explore life and co-living with Flh!