6 Tips Girls Should Consider While Moving to a PG

A paying guest (PG) accommodation allows individuals to stay with people of similar ages and share their joys, anxieties, and life experiences. FLH offers PG for Boys as well as PG for Girls in Ahmedabad. It does not only give you a lifetime experience, but it also makes you learn to live independently.

Here are some pointers to help girls who are moving into a PG for the first time to overcome the hiccups.

1) Maintain hygiene in public areas:

People have moved away from simple hostel-style rooms and toward more spacious units with a choice of private rooms – single, double, and even triple, shared rooms. Given that students may prefer to share their rooms, it is critical to maintain a disciplined personality. The majority of differences in a PG are related to hygiene and sharing of space. Maintain your hygiene because others in the room may be picky about cleanliness. Make separate areas for laundry, utensils, provisions, and your shoes and clothes. Make your own space in the room and encourage others to do the same. Make sure you’re not invading someone else’s space. Because girls’ wardrobes are typically larger, it is critical to keep everything organised and accessible.

2) Use your time wisely:

Maintain a ‘early to bed, early to rise’ schedule. This will allow you to avoid long lines at the restroom. It goes without saying that the restroom should be cleaned after each use. Also, avoid taking two or three helpings at the dinner table.

3) Adhere to the rules of the PG accommodation:

Different PGs have their own set of rules. While some are strict about timing for security reasons, others have food rules. Check with your PG to see if you are permitted to bring guests. If so, consult with your roommates before inviting a family member or friend over.

4) Respect someone’s right to privacy:

Most people prefer shared housing not because they enjoy it, but because it is more cost effective. Everyone desires their own personal space, which should be respected by not bothering others or prying into their private lives.

5) Avoid using shared items excessively:

Living together will make it unavoidable for you to share your stuff with your roommate! From hair comb to your clothes and even cosmetics sometimes. You might also have to share your food stock supply with your roommate, which could get a little irritating sometimes, because who like sharing food? NO ONE. Hence, keep yourself stocked enough so that you don’t have to be dependent on someone for anything.

6) Establish Connections:

Making new friends is the most effective way to overcome homesickness. Help your roommates whenever possible, and get to know their families as well. These are the kinds of relationships that will be worth keeping and remembering long after you leave the PG.

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In recent years, there has been a significant influx of girls and young women to major cities, resulting in an increase in demand for PG accommodation. When looking for a PG, you should first consider your budget. Aside from that, look into the security features, transportation options, and nearby social infrastructure. In addition, look into the quality of their food and the basic amenities they provide.

FLH is your premium option when it comes to selecting a PG. You will find more amenities here than any other PG has to offer. FLH – Feels Like Home is undoubtedly your best bet when it comes to selecting a luxurious yet comfortable PG in Navrangpura, Ahmedabad.

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