Are You a Hostelite? Know 5 Tips for Effective Time Management

Hostel life is a turning point in an individual’s life. It is a phase where you understand the right way of living life on your terms. Living life on own terms makes you self-reliant and builds self-confidence. It makes you self-determined, responsible. You learn to manange work, and solve problems for your duration of time at the hostel. Majority of the people experience life at hostel once they start attending college, but for some, hostel life begins quite early; that is from school days itself. You learn so much being on your own at a hostel, but sometimes you find it difficult to cope with studies and other stuff.

Hence, here are some time management tips for students living in a hostel/ PG hostels These tips will help hostel students who have just entered their college life!

1) Note Down Everything:

Make a schedule by noting everything down. Jot down everything in one place such as when you plan to sleep, when you are going to call your friends and family, etc. This is going to be a gentle reminder about things that are essential to be done by you. You will only have a few hours that you will be able to devote to your studies. In your schedule, you should note down every task, duty, and assignment with their due dates. It can be anything! A paper calendar or your cell phone, anything that suits fits your convenience. No matter what kind it is, however, ensure you have either of them. It doesn’t matter what it is, ensure that you have either of them.

2) Avoid Indulging Yourself in Unnecessary Activities:

Routines or tasks that can wait until your school or college work is finished should be postponed. Proper time management can be a difficult challenge. We are constantly presented with unexpected opportunities that appear appealing, and this has an impact on the outcome of poor test performance as well as the time required for exam preparation.

3) Use the Time Wisely:

You will be required to complete various tasks and duties in addition to your studies; this demonstrates that you must use the available time as efficiently as possible for your studies. You must make  sure that you do not get distracted from television, music, mobile phone etc while preparing for your exams. You can get more done in less time if you put yourself through power sessions where your entire focus is solely on your studies.

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4) Plan Your Time Based on Your Energy Level:

Another important study time management method is to plan your time based on an individual’s energy level. Most of the students are more creative in the morning, so getting up early may be beneficial. Other students regard the evening hours as their most creative time of the day. The most important thing is that you know for yourself who time schedule and time you can be well-organized to do your work and that you adapt your schedule according to your high energy time.

5) Procrastination:

Every student is affected by the problem of procrastination continuously. Most of us face the problem of NOT knowing “where to start from”. This problem of not knowing where to start from will lead to anxiety and stress, which are negative emotions when exams are on head. Procrastination should be dealt with by implementing time management and study methods that include subgoals and tasks. It will undoubtedly assist you in getting back on track with your studies and will also motivate you to complete future tasks beforehand.

The time management tips for students living in a hostel mentioned above will help you manage your time more effectively, which is the most important factor to be considered during your studies.

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