How Can You Be Productive in Co-living Spaces?

The concept of co-living and co-working spaces together is disrupting the idea of the traditional corporate world these days. However, this concept is becoming popular because its advancement in technology has made it possible to work remotely. Blended co-working and co-living spaces promote the idea of working within a like-minded community that provides endless networking opportunities.

Many – have incorporated co-working spaces. This allows people with diverse mindsets to come together and work in different fields. These spaces are designed for people who are remote workers, digital nomads, new entrepreneurs, and the kind of people who prefer to surround themselves with passionate workers who inspire and motivate output.

The best part about the concept of incorporating co-working space in a co-living space is the work/life balance. Most of you would’ve come up with this question by now as to how can we manage to be social and productive at the same time?

How to be Social & Productive at The Same Time?

The people who move into combined co-living and co-working spaces are usually like-minded and they often seem to share the same goals, priorities, and work ethics. When you’re working for, and by yourself you require a level of driven, self-motivated effort with a little managerial oversight. Therefore, co-living/co-working members are goal-oriented and aspire to achieve their goals under any given situation. This forms a vibrant and dynamic community that is eager to grow and learn things from each other.

How to Boost Productivity in a Co-living Space?

Even if your co-living space is tailored in the best possible way, the responsibility to manage your work and life together totally depends upon you.
We have mentioned a few tips and tricks that will help you to reach your maximum efficiency.

  1. Own noise cancellation headphones:

For most people who can work while listening to songs, noise cancellation headphones are your best resort. If you’re living in a co-living space there might be days when you will want to block out all the noise from your surroundings. At this time noise-cancelling headphones will work as your life jacket. So tune up the world and get your work going.

  1. Retrieve to a private space when needed:

It gets impossible to focus on your work when fun activities are going around. This is the time when you will have to learn to separate your work from pleasure and focus on your work even if you don’t feel like doing so. Private spaces exist for the same reason. It exists so that you can respite from your surroundings. If it gets too difficult for you to concentrate in common areas, simply, shift your place from there.

This will help you maintain your work/life balance.

  1. Have things planned up:

If you know that an interesting event going to take place in the next few days, make sure you finish your work beforehand. This way your work won’t suffer and neither will you fail on enjoying the cultural events organized by your co-living space. for example, you are someone who prefers working at night but the cultural event is scheduled in the evening, you can try to finish your work in the day so that you can enjoy the event later.

If you can’t get your work done in time, you may skip the event and catch the next one or stay up late after the event to finish your work. Always remember, mastering your time management will profit you in ways you won’t have even imagined. FLH- Feels Like Home provides us with such co-living spaces that keep us culturally involved as well as gives the opportunity to interact with diverse minds.