Tips to Deal with Exam Stress as a Student in Hostel

When the college ground is empty and there is nobody at the canteen, it means the exam is very near. College is surely about parties, fun, memorable experiences, ups & downs, and living the beautiful hostel life but you shouldn’t forget the exams. For many of us, exams can be one of the most stressful weeks of the whole year. Especially, for those college students living in the hostel.

Stay FLH a luxurious PG in Ahmedabad, brings to you the most helpful stress management tips for students living in a PG.

Sleep on time

It is a fact that your productivity and well-being depend on your sleep quality. During the exam season, most students have to study all night or till late at night, which affects their quality of sleep. Sleep deprivation has severe effects on mental and physical health, as a result, you might find it difficult to focus on your studies. So, the first thing you should do is fix your sleeping pattern and follow it strictly. A good night’s sleep ensures that the next day you feel more productive, refreshed, and motivated to work or study throughout the day. Make sure not to use any devices at least an hour before bedtime as it will make it harder for you to sleep.


Students always have a busy schedules. As the college lectures and the pressure of studies barely leave them any time to look after their physical health. Being physically active and fit is a must even as a student. Stay FLH, the PG in Ahmedabad offers sophisticated in-house gym facilities. An in-house gym will save you time and money too as you’ll have access to it all the time. So, living at FLH and exercising is fairly easy and convenient even if you are a busy bee.

Exercise is an instant mood booster. When you exercise, your brain is flooded with endorphins, which have been scientifically proven to make people feel happier by counteracting the effects of stress-releasing hormones. Aside from science, exercising is a great way to get relaxed and take your mind off your studies.

Spend some time with peers

The best thing about PG is that you are surrounded by other students and like-minded individuals that too are involved in studies. To help you socialize and meet others Stay FLH, PG in Navrangpura offers twin and triple-sharing rooms to the students. Moreover, FLH has several areas dedicated as communal spaces so students can spend some time together. There are also dedicated media rooms where you can catch up on your favourite movies and web series, just don’t binge-watch them during the exams! Taking a break from studies and connecting with the other students is yet another way of coping with the exam stress as a student.

Keep your desk clean

As a student don’t make the silly mistake of studying on your bed while you are wrapped inside a warm blanket. This is surely cozy but you will have a hard time focusing on your studies. Therefore, hop onto the comfy chair on a desk and then begin your study. Many of us hate the clutter around our space, and the same is true for our desks. Rooms of FLH provide the students with a study table just beside their beds.

A messy desk indicates a cluttered mind. If you’re working on a cluttered desk, your mind will most likely become overburdened with thoughts and you won’t be able to focus on one area. So, in order to study effectively, keep your study place organized.

Time management

The syllabus of multiple subjects can turn out to be overwhelming for you. Especially, when the exams are just around the corner and you are not done preparing everything. Time management plays a vital role in every student’s life and is an essential skill to have in your hand. Before beginning your studies create a weekly or daily plan that will cover all your activities including your studies. So, you can manage to get maximum time for the exam preparation. The planner will make you feel that everything is sorted, so naturally, there will be fewer things to worry about.

These were stress management tips for students by Stay FLH, a PG in Ahmedabad. FLH never fails to become the student’s ideal housing partner as well as a guide for them throughout their student life!

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