7 Super Helpful Tips on Hostel Life of Students

Student life puts you in new situations and makes you discover new phases of life all by yourself. It assists you in gaining new experiences and surviving the worst. Living in a hostel is one of these experiences. Students who move to a new region to complete their education may have difficulty finding a home. Furthermore, a student may find it difficult to take on the responsibilities of running a family. As a result, a hostel becomes the greatest option for students who are unable to travel daily from their home to school or college.

FLH – Feels Like Home is a PG in Ahmedabad. PG for Boys as well as PG for Girls is available wherein single, double and triple sharing rooms are offered to the paying guests. It is located in the Navrangpura area, which is one of Ahmedabad’s prominent and touristy locations.

The best hostel is chosen after scanning the presence of facilities and amenities in the hostels. Even if these resources are easily available, kids may be concerned about their new surroundings. Fret not. Hostels can be a great way to meet new people. A lot of memories can be made. All you have to do now is take care of a few details.

Take a look at these pointers to assist you to get through your time in a hostel:

Don’t Be Afraid of the Seniors:

When a hosteler walks through the doors, the first thing that comes to mind is, “How will my Seniors be?” Seniors in dormitories, contrary to common belief and everything depicted in Indian cinema, can be the kindest souls. They may crack a few jokes or tease you, but it will all be in good fun. They assist you when you seek assistance and provide advice as necessary. They turn out to be your missing siblings. As a result, never be afraid of a senior

Don’t forget to greet your guards:

The security guards at any hostel are stereotyped as nasty people. They have the potential to be the kindest individuals on the planet. If you have a great relationship with the guard, she or he will let you in even if you are a few minutes late. Each morning as you leave your hostel, say hello to them. Share some candies or snacks with them, or at the very least tell them stories; you’ll learn a lot.

Spend quality time with your roommates:

As a newcomer to a new hostel, the only other person with whom you might connect is your roommate. Spend some time having in-depth discussions. Try to understand their tale before telling them yours. You don’t have to be best friends, but having a decent relationship with your roommate can be beneficial in times of need. Also, that will make you less homesick.

Stay Organized:

Hostels are not your homes. No mom is chasing your socks and shirts, no maid sweeping your floor, and no one reminding you to tidy up your cabinets. Hence, to be organized you will have to be punctual, clean up your room at least once a week, keep your stationery in place and don’t let the dust settle.

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Be Attentive to Your Surroundings:

Your watch, phone, and wallet can be kept anywhere in the house. However, at a hostel, this could be a disastrous mistake. You can misplace your belongings, and it might be embarrassing if you start arguing with your roommate or other friends about it. Nobody will worry if you lose your possessions carelessly. So stay alert at all times.

Stack Up Home Made Munches:

When you return home, gather any edibles that can be kept for later and carry them all to your chamber. Share it with your fellow hostel guests and roommates. Nothing beats enjoying home-cooked meals in your hostel room with your fellow travellers. You’ll appreciate your house, family, and, most especially, home cooking.

Get Your Television Series Along With You:

While social contacts are crucial, you will occasionally require some binge viewing. Many PG hostels only have one television that all guests must share. When the rest of the dormitory wants to watch a football match or another Indian soap opera, you may not be able to see the latest episode of your favourite show. You can be alone and watch all the shows you want at moments like these.


Hence, if you have decided to study in a different city other than your hometown, you must pay heed to selecting the hostel you’re going to spend the next 3-5 years of your life in. After admittance to a university, the next most crucial thing is to find a suitable hostel, we hope you find your comfort and luxury at FLH!

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