Tips to Choose Best PG Accommodation

Ahmedabad is home to some of the most reputable educational institutes such as Gujarat University and Ahmedabad University. Apart from these institutes, several multinational firms are scattered across the city. This fact attracts thousands of students as they seek higher education and advancement in their professional careers. Since these youngsters migrate to Ahmedabad, their best option to reside in the city is a PG in Ahmedabad.

Here are some useful tips to help you select the best PG in Ahmedabad!

Proper Security

Security is the foremost thing you should look out for wherever you decide to stay, even if it is not a PG. The last thing you would want is to be scared and live in an unsafe area. Search out for a PG that is in the vicinity of the residential area or is at least nearby the main roads and population. Don’t compromise your security in order to save some money.

An ideal PG like FLH will have security guards to keep an eye on the premises to keep any threats at bay. Followed by biometric entries into the PG. As well as 24/7 CCTV monitoring across the campus.

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Yummy Food

You might be a good cook or might not be but while staying at a PG and managing your work/study, there won’t be enough time to cook food twice or thrice a day. Cooking requires time and effort both. From buying ingredients to chopping veggies and cleaning dishes all will be your responsibility. Therefore, look out for a PG that offers food, which is included in the monthly fees. It will be economical and time-saving too. The saved time can be invested in studying or relaxing. Moreover, not every PG delivers delicious food daily as FLH does. Keep your priorities straight before selecting a PG in Ahmedabad.

Search On the Internet

The Internet knows everything and it comes in handy while finding stuff, including PGs. You can search “best PG in Ahmedabad” or “PG near me” for promising results. You can even explore the website of PGs that you have in mind to learn more about them and the amenities that they offer. This will help you make a wise decision without even visiting the physical location. You can easily have a look at their facility, the furniture and even the monthly rent.

Move-in During the Right Time

Right before the colleges are about to start there is an influx of students from across the state to settle in. The PG rooms quickly get reserved and at these times the best rooms are usually gone. Similarly, luxurious PGs too get full. So, booking your PG in the off-season is very important so you can get a chance to select your room. In some cases the PG owners charge extra amounts from the students during high demand and since there are no good options left you will have to agree. Stay FLH offers a dozen of rooms and has quite great facilities in Ahmedabad to accommodate the maximum number of students. Moreover, you also get twin and triple sharing options as per your preference.

Best Facilities

A PG cannot be comfortable if it lacks premium facilities to ease your life. When selecting a PG in Ahmedabad do take the facilities they offer into consideration. Stay FLH offers a ton of facilities and sets an example in the market, thus helping students. Daily delicious food, high-speed internet connectivity and daily round-the-clock laundry service are some of the facilities that we offer. Along with that, you get access to a lively fun area to hang out with roommates, a gym, a reading room along with 24/7 in-house cafe.

These were just some of the most essential tips to help you select the best PG in Ahmedabad. FLH is a PG in Navrangpura that offers a true luxury living experience. The amenities make living comfortable and convenient just like desired. Stay FLH has multiple PG for boys and PG for girls that are all located at prime locations. Chase your dream with FLH!