Pros of Co-living Spaces

Finding a perfect place to reside in a stranger city while contemplating rent and location is a daunting task. For this reason, co-living spaces have become a popular option among the youth. Stay FLH is a PG in Ahmedabad that offers sophisticated co-living spaces to students and working professionals. If you are in a dilemma about considering co-living spaces as your next place to reside, then this blog is here to clear your doubts. We discuss the pros of co-living that make it a perfect place to live!

Affordability and Simplicity

Rent these days are skyrocketing, and you can find yourself up the creek if you are not an earning individual. Rent, furniture, utility bills, supplies, and so on can burn a hole in your pocket. That is not the case when it comes to co-living. Co-living spaces provide fully furnished rooms and daily food. Moreover, you get facilities like high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity, security monitoring, and cleaning and laundry service. All these amenities are inclusive of the monthly rent you pay. So no more worrying about monthly bills for services and their renewal. A co-living space not only makes living affordable but convenient too.

No More Roomie Fights

Traditional living is no more than a liability, as you are financially connected with the roommate. It can disrupt rent payments and ruin the whole living experience. But at Stay FLH, the only person you are responsible for is yourself. FLH offers the options of single, twin, and triple sharing rooms. You can opt for the one that suits you well. While sharing the room, you only pay for yourself and remain stress-free about your roommate’s finance. The individual payment provides you with your bed, closet, study table, and chair. Yet another benefit of co-living.

Living with Like-Minded Individuals

Adult life is not as fun as childhood. Because your responsibility changes, and you start to see the world and people from a different lens. Leaving home and settling into a new city is not a piece of cake. Missing loved ones and feeling lonely is a part of it. As the name suggests, co-living spaces are full of like-minded individuals. This offers you a chance to socialize with others and develop friendships. Co-living spaces such as Stay FLH are home to hundreds of individuals across the nation and cultures. Yet, again a chance to meet people outside your circle and culture. These places are not just to live but to make new friends and interact per your preference. Moreover, the communal spaces such as the in-house cafe and media room at FLH allow a spot to hang out with others!


Every student requires maximum flexibility when they relocate to a new place. Especially, where they reside. Renting a new apartment, adding furniture, and facilities, and beautifying the entire space demands a long-term commitment. Generally, students are not ready to settle in one place for a long period, they always need that little window of change open. In the co-living spaces of FLH, your monthly fees cover everything. So, no need to buy a study table and chair, bed, soft mattress, or closet because we already got it for you. Stay FLH is a PG in Ahmedabad and is surrounded by beautiful places to explore now and then.

Connecting With the Peers

Since life at FLH is vibrant, you get an opportunity to come closer to diverse people. The established community will help you exchange ideas and thoughts on all aspects of life. You will gain knowledge from the wise and share it with your peers. A professional life usually demands networking and connections. Co-living spaces help you enhance your networking skills and prepare you for the future. At FLH connecting with other people is super simple. Our infrastructure and facilities are designed to let people get together.

If you are someone who is looking for a luxurious and hassle-free living experience then Stay FLH is the perfect spot for you. The numerous amenities-rich facilities of FLH deliver a premium co-living experience for students/working professionals. FLH can be your home away from home!