Celebrate This Diwali with FLH – Your Home Away from Home

India is known for its rich culture and the amusing festivals associated with it. The festive season has already begun with a bang as we enter the last few months of this year! Festivals equal to sweets, authentic Indian cuisines, shopping, gifting one another, and meeting loved ones. Because as Indians, we believe that our happiness enriches by sharing with others. But, some students/professionals living in a PG-Hostel might be low on positive vibes. Maybe because they are unable to visit their hometown for one or more reasons.

So, sadly if you are one of them and won’t be visiting your family, then we have a little something for you. You can celebrate this Diwali at FLH because these reasons make it your home away from home!

Why Is FLH Your Home Away from Home?

Stay FLH is much more than a PG in Ahmedabad. FLH enhances the living experience but at the same time, it keeps in mind the festival vibes. Life at FLH is full of fun, exciting functions, and wholehearted celebrations. We believe that everything is incomplete without some fun and blissful gatherings. Especially during a cheerful festival like Diwali. FLH is home to students from across the nation and the festival and cultural celebrations bring everyone closer to each other. Our homes are the place where we feel the happiest even in bad times. So to keep that flame of happiness burning we organize numerous festival celebrations throughout the year. And Diwali is one of them!

Celebrate Diwali at FLH!

Both professional and student life are not easy to cope with. A working individual will have to adhere to the company policies apart from getting his tasks and projects done on time. Students, usually juggle between assignments, college studies and upcoming exams. Many colleges only allow a short duration of Diwali vacation. That prevents students from planning a visit to their hometown and spending Diwali days with their families. These reasons usually prevent people from connecting with their loved ones even during festivals like Diwali. So, what can you do?

Well, if you live at Stay FLH then you can still celebrate Diwali with your roommates and other peeps at the PG. FLH organizes festival celebrations including Diwali to cheer up and spread happiness among all. So this year relishing the festive spirits at FLH is an excellent idea.

Convenience Makes the Celebration Even Better

Most students/professionals living away from home usually miss the comfort and ease of life at home. Because traditional hostels are not known for their great hospitality. FLH functions to break those age-old treatments. So, we can provide everyone with the facilities and living experiences they crave. The rooms at FLH are spacious and well-ventilated. With comfy beds & mattresses, enough wardrobe storage, a study table, and a chair. Not just single units but even twin & triple-sharing rooms offer the same level of convenience. Moreover, FLH provides delicious food because if our tummy ain’t happy then we won’t be either. These facilities embellish your experience at our PG whether you are a student, professional, or even a traveller present in Ahmedabad. This particular set of facilities makes the Diwali days better at PG. Travellers can remain stress-free about safety and convenience as FLH precisely takes care of both.

This week-long festival is the celebration of truth’s victory over falsehood. Enter the New Year with lifted spirits, positive vibes, and love for the humanity in your heart. Stay FLH is with all those who cannot make it to their hometowns and families. FLH, a PG in Navrangpura is a happy place for everyone living there. So, we take this occasion of Diwali as our responsibility to put a smile on your faces!

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