Sweet Gestures You can do for Your PG Roommate!

When was the last time you had a hearty laugh with your roommate? It’s been a while, right? And, when was the last time you gifted a token of love to your roommate? We are sure it must have been forever since you’ve done that! It’s not necessary to have a specific justification for being kind to your roommate. You are always free to help them in any way.

Do something for your best friend the next time you have the chance; don’t think twice about it! Show kind gestures and make some time to bond with them. You can do this by bringing them their favourite food or by purchasing them a gift. You could also plan a ‘Netflix and chill’ date night with them. A seemingly insignificant act can mean the world to someone. There are other thoughtful things you can do for your roommate. In this blog, we have outlined a few strategies for getting beyond merely sharing a PG Hostel space.

There will also be times when you or your roommate feel the need to be alone. In such cases, you should give each other some space and get back when you feel sorted. You might have differences over time, but instead of pondering what to do next, initiate a conversation. Even while things won’t always be simple, one of the eight suggestions below will undoubtedly help you and your roommate improve your relationship.

5 Gestures to Make for Your PG Roommate

1) Organisation and Cleanliness are Necessary:

Being organised is crucial when you co-live or share a space with someone else. Avoid piling clothes and maintain them tidy. Make sure that common spots like the kitchen and toilets maintain hygiene. Cleaning them might not be fun or easy, but it is a necessary part of learning to live on your own. Give your roommate a favour and offer to assist with the duties for a week. It shows that you care about both her and your comfort.

2) Cook for Your Roommate:

Food is the way to someone’s heart. To prepare a delicious meal for your roommate, you don’t have to be a chef from one of your favourite Food Network programmes. To make homemade trail mix, add granola, raisins, and chocolate chunks to a bowl. Serve sliced apples with dipping sauces of honey and peanut butter on the side. And just like that, you’ve shown your living partner some kindness.

3) Be Expressive:

If you see that your roommate isn’t having a good day, try to cheer her up by writing a sweet note on a post-it. The message would be, “You look wonderful today,” “Have an awesome day,” or “Keep your head up.” It was either the deciding factor, or it simply brought on an unexpected smile on their face. Post-It can be stuck anywhere. You can write anything on the mirror with a whiteboard marker. There are countless choices, like writing something funny or printing some memes. The possibilities are endless!

4) Record Your Roommate’s Favourite TV Shows:

It’s likely that you’ll watch series together if you share a residence with someone. A series like Bridgerton makes you question if Daphne and Simon will make their relationship a success or not, Money Heist makes you wonder if you could ever plan a heist like that, and Stranger Things Season 2 excites you. Hence, you may do a favour by recording certain TV broadcasts. You may then watch them together and talk about all the drama and little quirks like true fans.

5) Plan a Trip Together:

Although you and your roommate must be enjoying your surroundings, the outside world is only waiting for you to discover it. You may explore new areas together, and spending time together will strengthen your relationship. If you can’t arrange a trip, spend some time together exploring the city you are currently living in. Go on a sushi date or explore the cafe at the end of the block.

Do these above-mentioned things for your roommate or your best friend. The time once lost, will never come back, hence, cherish the moments you get to live with someone. Happy living!