Must Pack Things Before Moving Into a PG

Shifting to a new city for further education while living in a PG is exciting. But, it also comes with certain challenges and packing essential stuff before moving out is one of them. Because, remember you will be away from your dear home, so anything left out will be left out until you visit your home. This won’t happen anytime soon post moving into a PG in Ahmedabad.

To help you simplify the packing, we’ve compiled a list of essential items that you should carry while moving into a PG!


Can you imagine running out of soap, shampoo or toilet paper while you are in the bathroom? Surely not. Prevent this by packing essential toiletries before you move into the PG and also do not forget to restock them from time to time.

A list of essential toiletries:

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Soap or shower gel
  • Shampoo
  • Towel
  • Comb
  • Conditioner
  • Shaving cream
  • Deodorant
  • Moisturiser

Earphones and Earplugs

It’s a good idea to bring earphones and earplugs in a PG. Why? Well, for starters, you might have roommates who like to listen to music or watch TV at different times than you. Having earphones means you can listen to your music without disturbing them. And if your roommates are snorers or the hostel is located in a noisy area, earplugs can be a lifesaver for getting a good night’s sleep. Trust me, your future self will thank you for packing these items!

Flip Flops

Flip-flops are crucial for any PG hostel stay. They protect feet from unhygienic surfaces, are easy to carry, and come in various designs. Further, they offer comfort and support to feet, preventing any foot problems.

This a must-have item for anyone looking to keep their feet clean, healthy, and fashionable while living in a PG hostel.

In short, if you want to keep your feet clean, healthy, and fashionable, flip-flops are a must-have in your PG hostel.


Bringing stationery items when moving into a PG in Ahmedabad is vital. You’ll need them to write down important information such as your new address and phone number. Stationery items like pens and notepads will also come in handy when taking notes in class or during meetings. Don’t forget to pack these essential items to make your transition smoother!

Power Bank

These days everyone carries multiple digital devices such as phones, laptops, Air Pods, etc. While living in a PG it is important to keep all of your devices in need fully charged. Owning a power bank can come in handy in case you are on low battery while away from your PG room in Ahmedabad or in a hurry to reach somewhere. You may never know when you might need it!

Air Freshener

Sharing living spaces with others can cause unpleasant odours. To combat this issue, it’s wise to bring an air freshener or room spray. These products can effectively eliminate unpleasant smells, making your surroundings smell fresh and clean. A refreshing scent can also boost your mood and create a more pleasant living experience. Therefore, having an air freshener is a small investment that can have a big impact on your living space.

Shoe Rack

In most cases, students live in twin or triple-sharing rooms at Stay FLH PG in Ahmedabad. More people mean more footwear, shoes, slippers, sandals, heels, etc. It’s best to store them in an organized manner. You may want to bring a shoe rack to keep your shoes organized and off the floor. This can help to prevent clutter and make your room feel more spacious. Moreover, a shoe rack will keep your space clean, hygienic and will make your daily life easier.

Sewing Kit

A sewing kit can come in handy during unexpected wardrobe malfunctions like a tear, snag or lost button. Keeping a small kit with essential sewing supplies like needles, thread, and scissors can save the day.

Even a basic sewing kit can allow you to repair minor clothing mishaps quickly and efficiently, keeping your clothes in good shape for longer.

It’s a practical addition to your travel or emergency kit that can prove to be a lifesaver in a pinch.

Water Bottle

A portable water bottle is a must every time and everywhere. It is a convenient and eco-friendly way to stay hydrated while on the go. By using a reusable water bottle, you not only save money and reduce plastic waste but also ensure that you always have access to water. Drinking enough water can improve your skin health, boost energy levels, aid in digestion, and help regulate body temperature.


To be honest, the list will go on and on because there are never enough things to pack. But, the above discussed were some of the most important items that you must carry while moving into a PG in Ahmedabad.

Another thing to keep in mind is to select an ideal PG in Ahmedabad like that of Stay FLH that offers a luxurious living experience, thanks to the rich amenities that make living easier.

Good luck with packing your stuff while moving into a PG in Ahmedabad!

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