Missing Home? Here’s how to deal with it

Hundreds and thousands of students pursue higher education by moving to a new city. This distances the students from their homes and loved ones. Most of the students prefer to live in a PG as it is the most convenient option for them. While living in a PG it is normal to feel homesick. Missing home can hinder a student’s academic ability and overall well-being.

So, Stay FLH PG in Ahmedabad brings to you some of the most practical ways to deal with homesickness!

Accept the fact

Accepting that you are not at home can be difficult, especially when you are living in a PG and missing your family. But it’s important to remember that you are making a life for yourself and growing as an individual. Surround yourself with positive people, engage in new experiences, and find new ways to connect with your loved ones back home. Focus on the opportunities and growth that come with living away from home, and remind yourself that this is just a temporary phase.

Be proud of your strength and resilience, and know that your family is always there to support you.

Stay in touch with your family

Here are some tips to stay in touch with your family while living in a PG:

  • Schedule regular video calls with your family members to keep in touch.
  • Use instant messaging apps to send messages and photos to your family.
  • Send voice notes and short voice messages to your family through instant messaging apps.
  • Share your daily updates and experiences with your family through social media.
  • Make phone calls to your family every week or two.
  • Send emails or letters to your family with updates and photos.
  • Use apps like Whatsapp or Google Meet to make video calls to your family.
  • Create photo albums or scrapbooks of your experiences in the PG to share with your family.

By staying in touch with your family, you can feel connected and close to them even though you are living in a PG.

Explore new places

Exploring new places in Ahmedabad can help students deal with homesickness by providing them with a change of scenery and a chance to take their minds off of their homesickness. By going to different parts of the city, students can experience new sights, sounds, and cultures, which can help them to feel less homesick.

Additionally, meeting new people and making friends can also help students to feel less homesick. By taking advantage of all that Ahmedabad has to offer, students can turn their homesickness into an opportunity to have fun, learn new things, and make new friends.

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Exercise regularly

Exercise releases endorphins, which improve mood, reduce stress and anxiety and enhance overall well-being. Regular physical activity also provides a distraction from homesickness and a way to meet new people, thereby promoting a sense of community. This can lead to a more positive outlook, improved sleep, and better overall health.

Stay FLH PG in Ahmedabad offers an in-house gym for students across all their facilities.

Pursue your interest

Pursuing hobbies and interests can provide a sense of purpose and fulfilment, helping to combat feelings of homesickness and boredom. Engaging in activities that bring joy and excitement can improve mood, boost self-esteem, and provide a much-needed break from the daily routine.

Also, participating in clubs or groups centred around a shared hobby can help build a sense of community, providing opportunities for social interaction and friendships. These experiences can also lead to personal growth, and a greater appreciation of new surroundings, ultimately contributing to a more positive experience while living in a PG.

Keep a journal

Keeping a journal to reflect on emotions and experiences can help individuals process and understand their feelings, particularly when dealing with homesickness. Writing down thoughts and emotions can provide a cathartic outlet and a way to process experiences in a structured manner.

Reflecting on positive experiences and growth opportunities can also help shift perspective and focus away from negative feelings towards a more positive outlook. Journaling can also serve as a valuable keepsake and provide a way to look back on the experience with fondness and appreciation in the future.

Overall, journaling can be a helpful tool in managing homesickness and promoting personal growth while living in a PG.

It is not easy to reside away from your home in a stranger city for education. And it only makes sense to miss your home while living in a PG.

To help students feel more at home and less like an unfamiliar place, Stay FLH (Feels Like Home) PG in Ahmedabad has built luxurious facilities. All the PGs are equipped with luxurious facilities that will help you to make yourself at home the most!

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