Financial Benefits of Living in a PG with a Roommate!

Most of the folk prefer to live with a roommate in a PG because they dislike living alone. That is understandable as we humans are social creatures. But did you know that there are numerous impressive benefits of living with a roommate that is purely financial?

If not then., you’re at the right place. Because Stay FLH, a luxurious PG in Navrangpura brings to you the financial benefits of living with a roommate that is sure to make you look out for a roomie!

You can afford a better place to live in

Posh areas or sophisticated areas in metro cities usually have high rent and the cost of living. As a student or a young working individual affording a place to live in these areas may slip out of your budget. But this high cost of living in your desired neighbourhood can be afforded, only if you decide to live with a roommate. You can share the total cost of the rent with your roommate. Stay FLH PG in Ahmedabad has facilities located in areas such as Navrangpura, Gulbai Tekra, and Vijay Crossroad, which are the best places for students.

Split bills

Apart from the rent of the PG room or an apartment, there are other expenses too. Most of these are utility bills such as cleaning, cooking, water bill, internet, entertainment subscription, etc. All these expenses are usually covered in the monthly rent given to the PG hostel. But these are not covered when you decide to live in an apartment by yourself. In such a situation having one or two roommates will help you to split the rather costly bills. This is like killing two birds with one stone as you’ll get the desired service at an affordable cost!

Build up on saving

Saving is and has always been a great move, regardless of age. The sooner you begin to save to sooner you can invest and even retire from your profession. A bank account full of savings worth a few months or even a year of expenses is a wise move. But living alone in an apartment while paying rent and every other bill will hinder your saving. Instead start living with a roommate in a PG hostel as you both will be sharing the same expense, thus spending less and saving more.

You get more space

Normally, when you attempt to look for a rented apartment under the budget, the results are disappointing. Because you’ll end up finding apartments with a tiny room and cramped space, with almost no furniture to start from. On the other hand, living in a twin-sharing or triple-sharing room at Stay FLH PG in Ahmedabad you get much more for less. The rooms offered by FLH are fully furnished with comfy beds, big wardrobes, and even separate study tables so you may not clash with your roommates for studying!

Another money-saving advantage of living with a roommate at FLH is getting access to the media room and reading room which is inclusive of the monthly fees!

No more stressing about money

For people independently living in a rented apartment having a roommate is life changing. Because when you live alone, every expense will hover over your head. But the roommate will help you share this expense, thus saving you money. And because of it, your budget will decrease too, thus less stress about the money. This means you’ll no longer have to stay awake late at night thinking about the payment of rent and bills.

Explore the Comfy Living at FLH PG in Ahmedabad!

It is a fact that living in a PG with roommates surely has to offer so many financial benefits as well as many other non-financial benefits. Many students prefer to live alone in an apartment as they do not prefer other’s companies. But if you wish to live alone then a wider choice would be to opt for a luxurious PG in Ahmedabad, such as Stay FLH! Because a co-living space such as FLH will offer you a ton of facilities to make living as comfy as it can get!