5 Tips to Make Your University Experience the Best

There are a lot of opinions that you get when you shift to a university and because you’re a fresher, it comes with a lot of emotions. It gets overwhelming, exciting, and also anxious at times. To add to this constant fluctuation of emotions, there will be people who would’ve already made a detailed list on do’s and don’ts to make you stay worth the while. The Orientation at the university must have already given you a brief about how life is going to take major turns. For some, making friends is going to be easy and for those who are from different states, they might some problems. A few students will complain about the food, while others will have a good time at the canteen, and yes, accommodation will always be of great concern!

Well, if your university is in an outstanding city like Ahmedabad, FLH – Feels like home is the best PG in Ahmedabad. FLH PGs are located around Navrangpura which is one of the few prominent areas of Navrangpura. It offers single, double sharing and triple sharing rooms, giving you options to choose from. To cut things short, FLH is the best PG in Navrangpura to spend your university years in a sheer comfortable, secure, and hygienic environment.

In this blog, we are going to discuss 5 tips that will make your university experience the best.

5 Tips to Consider for Having the Best University Life

1) Choose the right hostel/PG:

As we discussed earlier, if you’re coming to Ahmedabad, FLH is your best bet. It offers a specially designed PG for girls as well as PG for boys. However, do your research correctly, because if your stay is not sorted until the end, it will dampen your experience. It is not advisable to return home to dingy and unsafe areas in a new town. Choose a place to live that has the necessary amenities, improves your life as a student, and is comfortable. When looking for a place to stay, security is also essential.

2) Mix with a wider range of people:

Making friends is necessary and not difficult, but we tend to stick with people from our course, our roommates, or any society in which we participate. This may narrow your circle. The best part about university is trying new things with people from all over the world. It will broaden your perspectives and help you understand new perspectives and ways of life. University is where you meet people from all walks of life, cultures, and goals – stepping outside of your comfort zone will make the entire experience worthwhile.

3) Don’t FOMO, instead have a MOMO:

It is very important to have some personal space, and there is nothing wrong with having one. Just when your friends head out, it is not always compulsory for you to accompany them. You may stay back, spend some time with yourself and not feel FOMO. It’s human nature to feel like that, but, just when you feel FOMO, head out and have a plate of hot steam MOMO!

4) Establish a routine:

When you first start university, it can feel amazing not to have a routine. Especially if your course is light with only a few classes per day, you tend to make the most of the remaining day. And because you are no longer in school, don’t have a strict timetable to follow, and are away from your parents for the first time in your life, you are likely to abuse this freedom. You may be sleeping at 5 a.m. and waking up at 2 p.m., but you are missing out on so much. Use your free time wisely so you don’t find yourself scrambling right before the exams. Join a club, get a part-time job, and be productive in general so you can enjoy your weekends. Don’t waste your time sleeping.

5) Part-time employment:

Being a student in a city other than your hometown can be costly. Working part-time can be an extremely beneficial experience. It could be anything – taking classes, assisting others with CV writing, working in a cafe, or working on a project with a company relevant to your future career. It not only looks good on your CV, but it also gives you some extra money to spend on yourself.

FLH is the official student housing partner of Ahmedabad University. We assure you the best stay and the best years of your life, that you will get to cherish forever!

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