PG or Flat: Which is a Better Option for Students?

Students often relocate to a new city for higher education and career opportunities. They must find a relevant living option while being away from home. PG accommodation and rental flats are the two most popular resident options for them. It is common to get confused between the two while selecting the right one. Stay FLH PG in Ahmedabad brings to you a complete comparison between a PG and a flat to help you pick the one that suits you!

Introduction to PG Accommodation

A PG accommodation is nothing, but a rental place designed for students/young professionals to stay at. These are often shared spaces that offer a ton of amenities including food and all. It is a convenient and cost-effective living option. especially for those away from their home.

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Benefits of Living in a PG

Pocket-Friendly Cost

PG accommodations are designed to be cost-friendly and are more affordable than a flat. The affordable cost allows students in college and young professionals to easily cover the expense of living in a PG.

Least Amount of Responsibilities

The best thing about living in PG is not worrying about the responsibilities. The PG management takes care of every issue related to the living facility. Be it fixing or repairing something. Along with not worrying about cooking or cleaning. Especially if it is a luxurious PG in Ahmedabad such as Stay FLH!

Better Social Interaction

PG is home to students from across the nation. This offers an excellent opportunity for the students to connect with each other and socialize. It also allows them to build a network of like-minded individuals. Oftentimes helping them deal with homesickness.

Safe & Secure Spaces

Safety is the top concern for students, be it PG for girls or PG for boys in Ahmedabad. Several measures such as CCTV surveillance, security guards, biometric entry gates etc are taken by the PG accommodation. This makes the living space safe & secure for living!

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Access to Amenities

Luxurious PG in Ahmedabad such as Stay FLH offers a ton of amenities to the students. This includes a gym, laundry service, housekeeping, an in-house cafe and a media room. All the amenities are inclusive of the monthly rent and enhance the living experience of the students.

Drawbacks of a PG Hostel

Rules & Regulations

All the PGs have their separate set of rules that the residents must adhere to. It usually includes curfews, guests, and other aspects of daily life. Some of the students might not align with the students planning to stay in the PG.

Quality Variability

The quality of living experience that students receive varies from PG to PG. Some of them might not offer the best level of comfort and facilities for a great living. Choosing the right PG accommodation is vital in these cases.

Dependence on Management

In a PG accommodation, all the issues are addressed by the management. They usually come up with the solution to the problem faced by the residents. In case the management is unresponsive this can further lead to poor living experience.

Introduction to Flats

A rental flat is a living space you lease for a period, not own. It is a temporary housing solution where the tenants pay monthly rent. Flats can be furnished or unfurnished and are a common urban living choice. But they barely offer any amenities and utilities as a PG does.

Benefits of Living in a Flat


Living in a flat provides more independence compared to living in a PG hostel. You have the freedom to manage your own space, schedule, and lifestyle. This is great for individuals who love to take control of their lifestyle and are able to manage their activities. It can be a good opportunity to stand on your feet from a young age.


Flats usually offer more privacy than PG accommodations. Thus allowing you to have your own room and sometimes even your own bathroom. Most PG rooms have double or triple-sharing rooms. Meaning students will have to share their space with another individual. So, very little to no privacy for them. But certain PG in Ahmedabad Navrangpura like Stay FLH offer single accommodation as well. Great for students who are not willing to compromise privacy.

Cooking Facilities

Most flats are equipped with a fully functional kitchen, sometimes appliances too. It allows the students to cook their own meals and manage them. This can be a good opportunity for students to control their diet with the help of home-cooked meals. It can also help them save money by avoiding dining out.



Renting a flat can be more expensive than living in a PG hostel. Students also have to cover utility bills, internet, and other expenses while still paying the rent. Managing each of these expenses individually can put


With great independence comes great responsibility. You’ll need to take care of household chores, maintenance, and bills on your own or with your roommates. There will be no one to take care of your laundry even when you are not feeling like it. The same goes for cleaning around the flat.

Less Social Interaction

Unlike a PG hostel, where you’re surrounded by other students, living in a flat might provide fewer opportunities for spontaneous social interactions. Because most of these flats are surrounded by family residing houses who might not be as social as the students in a PG hostel.

Limited Amenities

Flats might not offer the same amenities as some dormitories, such as meal plans, study spaces, or organized social activities. This means you will have to take care of these activities by yourself and most of them can be monthly expenses to take care of.

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So, which one you should choose?

Both PG and flat are great options for students planning to reside in a stranger city for higher education. However, if you are someone who is looking for a convenient living space without burning a hole in your pocket then go for PG accommodation. As they are affordable while offering a ton of amenities and facilities to enhance the living experience. PG accommodations are mostly preferred by students and young working professionals.

On the other hand, flats are popular among people working remotely and who are in a stable financial situation. It offers them a long-term solution to living while taking control of their life. They can control what to utilize their budget, oftentimes helping them effectively manage their budget.

From all the above discussion we can easily say that a PG in Ahmedabad is the best option for students. Especially if you look for a luxurious PG in Ahmedabad just like Stay FLH. The community living along with great living quality makes it a perfect place for students to reside. Stay FLH has been a home away from home for a ton of students till now, it can be yours too!