Types of Roommates You Will Come Across in A PG!

If you’re living in a PG, then you’ll certainly come across a variety of people from diverse backgrounds. And some of them will be your roomies too!

Planning to move into a PG for higher education in a stranger city? Then beware of the types of roommates that you will encounter while living in a PG. Some can be easy going and fun to hang around with while others can literally make you uncomfy. But that is what living in a PG hostel is all about, gathering new experiences and making memories!

So, buckle up because we will take you on a virtual tour of types of roomies in a PG“!


An introverted roommate is someone who tends to keep to themselves, preferring quiet and solitude over social interaction. They may spend a lot of time in their room, reading, working, or simply relaxing. An introverted roommate may be reserved and slow to open up, but can be a great listener and trustworthy confidant. It’s important to respect their boundaries and not force them into social situations.

A little consideration and understanding can go a long way in making an introverted roommate a great companion in a shared living environment like a PG hostel.

The Chatterbox

Meet the Chatterbox, your new PG hostel roommate. They will never run out of things to talk about and can keep a conversation going for hours. They may have a tendency to be loud, but that’s just because they’re so full of energy! Don’t be intimidated by their constant chatter, embrace it. Get to know them and you’ll discover they have a heart of gold and a contagious smile.

To make things run smoothly with the Chatterbox, set some boundaries, but also make time to chat with them. It’ll help you both get to know each other better and make the room feel like a cosy home away from home. With the Chatterbox as your roommate, life in the hostel will never be dull!

The night owl

A night owl roommate in a PG hostel is someone who stays up late, especially on weekends. They may have different sleeping habits and can be noisy during the night. It can be challenging to share a room with a night owl, especially if you’re an early bird who needs to get up early in the morning.

However, it’s important to communicate and establish boundaries to ensure a harmonious living experience. Try to be understanding of each other’s routines and be respectful of each other’s sleep. Good communication and mutual respect can make living with a night owl a positive experience.

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The sluggish

A sluggish roommate in a PG is someone who is always preoccupied and moves at a slow pace. They tend to be messy and disorganized, and their living space is not always the tidiest. Despite this, they are not necessarily unpleasant to live with and can be easy-going, but their lack of energy and disorganization can sometimes be frustrating.

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Always munching

This type of roommate is a foodie at heart. They have a constant craving for snacks and can often be found snacking on something in the room. They might have a collection of food items that they bring from home or buy from stores. They love trying new food items and are always willing to share their snacks with others.

This type of roommate is easy going and enjoys having a good time, which makes them great company for munching on food together. However, if you are trying to maintain a healthy diet, this roommate might be a challenge for you as their constant snacking can be tempting!

Having a roommate that you can vibe with is a blessing. But making friends with a polar opposite roommate is an achievement in itself! So, folks look out for your roommate and develop a bond with them.

It can be tough to find a perfect roomie like when Enid found Wednesday! Right?

But finding a perfect PG is simple and possible!

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