Hostel-Life Activities at FLH to Keep Yourself Entertained!

Stay FLH is a PG in Ahmedabad that allows no boredom for its students. Student life is full of various activities to keep oneself busy. And since we are talking about FLH, everything needs to be interesting and exciting, including your daily life. The twin and triple sharing rooms at FLH are perfect to share your space with your roommates and develop a bond of friendship with them. It might occur that on holidays are free from studies and start getting bored out of nowhere. But don’t you dare to think that hostel life is boring. Because we bring to you a list of exhilarating activities to keep you entertained. These activities will also help you to know newer people and make friends with them!

Meet New Faces

You will get bored more than once while living at a PG in Ahmedabad. Roommates are fun to hang out with and spend time but what do you do when they are not available or you both are bored together? Well, if you live at Stay FLH then we suggest you spend some time in the common areas of the hostel. As the name suggests, this place is designed to allow students to gather in groups. It is also a perfect place to come across new faces and interact with them. Since most of them will be students, you will get an opportunity to exchange talks with like-minded ones. It is the perfect spot to kill some time whenever you are feeling bored and lazy enough to not do something active.

Relish Your Time at the Media Room

We are sure that you must be killing time by watching the latest web series and movies on your phone throughout the day whenever you would get time. But it can get more fun on the big screen, right? Stay FLH has dedicated entire media rooms for this purpose. It is a cosy place to chillax with friends and binge-watch your favourite shows. So, next time you are bored our media room is the place you shall go. Because it has no sign of any boredom left! Also, weekends can be the best days to get comfy and eat snacks while watching the series with your friends.

Learn Something New

Learning is a part of life, and people are always learning something new. Student life is the perfect time to catch up on new skills as you move ahead with your studies and career. Your friends and roommates can surprisingly be blessed with one or two useful skills. Learning from them is a great idea because friends are the best teachers. Learning new skills will not only expand your portfolio but will also act as entertainment to keep you occupied. Learning a new language is the perfect thing one can do, whether to watch new shows or to write lovely paras for your close ones.

Explore Ahmedabad

Do you love exploring the surrounding places? Then what is better than exploring the hearty and ever-active city of Ahmedabad? The city is the perfect place to discover new places till you find your favourite spot. Ahmedabad is considered one of the heritage of the city of India. Because you can find a ton of historic monuments around the city that enriches its cultural heritage. But with the moving time, the city has also adapted the urban culture and life with the influx of modern cafes and restaurants to appeal to the younger generation. Stay FLH is a PG in Navrangpura that is close to some of the most famous historical monuments. The old part of Ahmedabad is also known as the old city. It is full of traditional buildings and heritage monuments. So, don’t forget to explore the city whether with your friends or alone to keep yourself entertained.

Living in a stranger city without your family is not easy. Feeling lonely is natural but we wish to help you with that. Our luxurious amenities will turn FLH into your home away from home. So, if you are looking for a PG in Ahmedabad, then Stay FLH is no less than a perfect option for you!